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A simple IP phone for small business users, the GXP1610/GXP1610P/1615 delivers a user-friendly VoIP calling experience in a very easy-to-use IP phone. Built-in PoE 802.3af is used to power the GXP1610P or GXP1615 and give it a network connection. 

802 1X Guide

AoC Guide

EU Declaration of Conformity GXP1610 GXP1615 GXP1620 GXP1625

gxp16xx administration guide

gxp16xx blf guide

gxp16xx headset compatibility

gxp16xx plug and play

gxp16xx user guide

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - English

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - French

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - German

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - Italian

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - Polish

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - Portuguese

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - Russian

GXP1610/15 Datasheet - Spanish

gxp1610 1615 quick installation guide

gxp1610 1615 quick installation guide

gxp16xx xsi guide

GXP16XX Quick User Guide English

GXP16XX Quick User Guide French

GXP16XX Quick User Guide German

GXP16xx Quick User Guide Italian

GXP16XX Quick User Guide Polish

GXP16XX Quick User Guide Portuguese

GXP16XX Quick User Guide Russian

GXP16XX Quick User Guide Spanish

GXP series Multicast Paging Guide

gxp wp xml customized screen

GXP XML Phonebook Guide

GXP BS SCA conf Guide

GXP Flexible Seating Guide

GXP Security Manual

CTI Guide

Server Redundancy 0

LDAP Configuration Guide

phonebook editor user guide

Power consumption of IP Phone

DHCP Options Guide Linux

DHCP Options Guide Windows Server

SNMP Guide

TR-069 Information

VLAN Guide

GS Provisioning Guide


GXP21xx/GXP17xx/GXP16xx Auto-Configuration "Plug&Play" Guide

GXP21xx/GXP17xx/GXP16xx Eventlist BLF Guide

GXP21xx/GXP17xx/GXP16xx BLF Guide