GCC6000 Series

UC + Networking Convergence Solutions
The GCC6000 Series provides an extraordinary all-in-one solution that merges unified communications and networking solutions into one platform. These state-of-the-art devices combine the functionality of 4 products to provide an all-in-one solution that includes a VPN router, next-generation firewall, IP PBX, and network switch or Wi-Fi access point. The Series includes three models: GCC6010 (available now), GCC6010W (coming soon), and GCC6011 (coming soon).  

  • Built-in IP PBX provides voice & video communications with advanced collaboration features (PBX Upgrade options available)
  • Built-in firewall provides anti-virus, layer 3-7 IDS/IPS, DPI, SSL detection, and more
  • Built-in VPN router supports 2.5Gbps or 3Gbps to allow easy remote access 
  • Built-in network switch with 5 or 10 Gigabit ports, 4x PoE out ports, and 2x 2.5 SFP ports (GCC6010/GCC6011)
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi 6 AP with 2x2 MIMO technology (GCC6010W)
  • Easily configure, deploy, and manage all Grandstream endpoints from one interface
  • Provides advanced security protection with encrypted traffic, secure boot, unique security certificates, and more
  • Managed through the cloud (GDMS), mobile app, local WEB UI, SSH, and SNMP
  • Multiple WAN ports with load balancing and failover to maximize connection reliability

An Extraordinary All-in-One Solution

The GCC6000 Series redefines the communication experience by merging unified
communications, networking, and security solutions into one platform.



Enterprise-Grade Security Protection

A built-in, next-generation firewall provides bank-grade security protection with VB100
Grade-A anti-malware certification, market-leading AI-based DPI, and more.



State-of-the-Art Communications and Collaboration

The built-in IP PBX provides a suite of powerful communication and collaboration
features to keep every organization connected and productive



Enhanced Network and System Management

The GCC6000 Series provides a secure, centralized interface to deploy manage and
organization’s entire network in real-time.



Smart QoS and Reduced Data Latency

By integrating networking and IP PBX functionality, the GCC Series significantly
reduces latency and provides a smart QoS engine that ensures a smooth experience
regardless of network traffic.



Designed for Small to Medium Businesses

 The GCC6000 Series makes it easier than ever to build state-of-the-art business
solutions by combining all networking, communication, and security needs into one


Grandstream Device Management System

GDMS provides a FREE centralized interface to provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Grandstream products, including device management, account management, device configuration, firmware upgrades, device monitoring, intelligent alarm, and statistical analysis, individually or in batches of devices by site, group and model. This powerful cloud management platform adds robust security features to protect enterprise networks, including bank-grade TLS encryption from end-to-end, two-factor login authentication to protect your data security, two-way certificate verification and encryption of all device information. By offering a centralized, secure and zero-touch management for Grandstream endpoints, GDMS is ideal for enterprises, service providers and multi-site businesses as it allows them to easily deploy and manage large networks of Grandstream solutions. Visit to sign up for free today!

Android and iOS mobile users can access the GDMS mobile app from any device by downloading for free through the app store, or get it on google play.

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