Building security is like insurance, it is something you hope to never have to rely on but there may come a day where you will be thankful to have deployed security measures. Whether it is the result of property damage, a break in, employee malice, or other building threat, knowing that the technology is in place to protect building assets will bring comfort to any business owner. Grandstream’s facility management products are built to deliver a powerful security solution that can be customized to any business’s needs.


Control Stations

The HD Intercom and Facility Control Station provides dedicated devices to manage door access, video surveillance cameras, intercoms, building communications and more. 

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Full HD IP Cameras

Create and customize a security environment with our range of Full HD IP cameras. Easy to setup, deploy and manage, these cameras offer a proactive security system to keep a user’s facility secured and protected.

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Intercoms & Paging

Intercom and paging solutions ideal for office buildings, enterprises, schools, healthcare facilities, retail centers, residential settings, warehouses and other indoor environments. 

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Facility Access Systems

Track and manage access to any physical building with facility access systems that provide a dedicated audio and/or video intercom that can be integrated with Grandstream's full solution portfolio.

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Video Management

Grandstream’s GSurf Pro v2 is a free video management software that turns any computer or laptop into a video surveillance monitoring and recording solution. 

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Missouri Public Schools - Voiceconnex

Voiceconnex, a well-established communications installer in Missouri who set out to design a communications network that provides a redundant, distributed communications system for the Missouri public school system. Voiceconnex decided to begin integrating the GDS3710 IP Video Door Station with their UCM-anchored distributed, redundant communications networks to build an entire, high-end security and access management network 

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