Online Marketplace Warranty Limitations Policy

Online Marketplace Warranty Limitations Policy

Grandstream Networks, Inc. (“Grandstream”) prohibits its certified partners from selling the Grandstream products identified below through online market-places including but not limited to sites operated by Amazon and its international affiliates, eBay, Walmart, Craiglist, Etsy, Souq, Mercado Libre, Alibaba, Yandex, OLX, and other similar sites and properties (“Prohibited Channels”):

  • UCM series IP PBXs
  • GXW4XXX series analog gateways
  • HT8XX series of analog telephone adapters
  • GVC32xx series video conferencing system
  • GDS37xx series door system
  • GXV33xx series enterprise video phones
  • GXV34xx series enterprise video phones
  • WP8xx series enterprise WiFi phones
  • DP7xx series DECT cordless solutions
  • GXW450x series digital VoIP gateways
  • GRP26XX series IP phones
  • GHP6XX series Hotel IP Phones
  • GSC35XX series IP intercom and speakers
  • GWN76xx series wireless access points
  • GWN78XX series managed network switches
  • GWN771X series lite managed network switches
  • GWN7XXX series routers
  • GWN7052 and GWN7062 Wi-Fi Routers
  • GAC2570 audio conference phone

Please note that if you are an end user that has obtained your Grandstream products through Prohibited Channels, Grandstream may not honor the warranty or license for your products. End users interested in purchasing the above products from Grandstream’s authorized certified partners, please contact us via the following email address:

For Europe, Middle East and Africa,

For North America,

For Latin America,

For Asia Pacific,

Policy last revised: May 16th, 2024

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