GWN Manager is an on-premise, enterprise-grade, management platform for Grandstream GWN series of WiFi access points. Thanks to streamlined monitoring and maintenance, managing your network across multiple locations has never been easier.


GWN Manager is an on-premise enterprise-grade, management platform for Grandstream access points. Typically deployed on a customer’s private network, this flexible, scalable solution offers simplified configuration and management. Thanks to streamlined monitoring and maintenance, managing your network has never been easier. Keep an eye on the network’s performance with real-time monitoring, alerts, statistics and reports that can be viewed using a web browser or the mobile application.

GWN Manager Quick Installation Guide

GWN Management Platform User Guide


Android and iOS mobile users can access the GWN Cloud mobile app from any device by downloading for free through the app store.


  • Free Linux-based software that supports up to 3,000 GWN series Wi-Fi APs
  • A state-of-the-art, end-to-end security suite that combines bank-grade TLS encryption and X.509 certificate authentication with the powerful security features embedded in Grandstream’s GWN series of Wi-Fi APs
  • Supports customizable vouchers and built-in captive portals with customizable landing pages for network security and collection of access credential information
  • Real-time network monitoring, schedules, time policy, and various other control tools, as well as configurable alerts
  • In-depth graphical reports broken down by network, AP, client and more
  • The GWN Cloud mobile app, available for iOS™ and Android™, allows users to quickly add and easily manage GWN series Wi-Fi APs with GWN Manager