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GXW4200 Series

The GXW4200 v1 and v2 series are high-density FXS gateway that enable businesses of all sizes to create an easy-to-deploy VoIP solution that takes advantage of Gigabit speeds. These FXS gateways offer the ability to seamlessly connect multiple locations and all devices within an office to any hosted or on premise IP PBX network to make deployments as easy as possible.

Firmware Upgrade Guide

DHCP Options Guide Linux

DHCP Options Guide Windows Server

SNMP Guide

TR-069 Information

VLAN Guide

GS Provisioning Guide

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - English

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - French

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - German

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - Italian

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - Polish

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - Portuguese

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - russia

GXW400x/GXW42xx Quick User Guide - Spanish

GXW Gateways Power Consumption

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - English

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - French

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - German

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - Italian

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - Russian

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - Spanish

GXW4200 Series Datasheet - Portuguese

GXW42xx User Manual

GXW4200 Quick Installation Guide

GXW42xx Peering with Multiple FXO Gateways

Declaration of Conformity - GXW4224 GXW4232

Declaration of Conformity GXW4248

GXW Extending Analog Lines

Typical GXW Series Scenario

HT8XX GXW42XX User Level Access Management


GXW4200 v2 Series Datasheet - English

GXW4200 v2 Series Datasheet - Spanish

GXW4200 v2 Series Datasheet - French

GXW4200 v2 Series Datasheet - German

GXW4200 v2 Series Datasheet - Italian

GXW4200 v2 Series Datasheet - Russian