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The GXV3350 is an advanced desktop video collaboration solution that combines a 16 line IP phone with the functionality of an Android tablet to offer an all-in-one communication solution. It is the ideal desktop device for busy professionals and executives and also offers a powerful yet cost-effective device for any conference room.

LDAP Configuration Guide

DHCP Options Guide Linux

DHCP Options Guide Windows Server

TR-069 Information

VLAN Guide

GS Provisioning Guide

GXV33XX 802.1X Guide

GXV33XX Bluetooth Guide

GXV33xx BroadWorks BLF Guide

GXV33xx Broadworks Call Center Guide

GXV33xx BroadWorks Flexible Seating Guide

GXV33xx BroadWorks SCA Guide

GXV33xx Broadworks XSI Guide

GXV33XX Event Notification Module Guide

GXV33xx GUI Customization Web Tool Guide

GXV33XX Security Manual

GXV33xx Wi-Fi Guide

GXV33xx WP820 Web API Guide

GXV33xx XML Phonebook Guide

EU Declaration of Conformity GXV3350

GXV3350 Administration Guide

GXV3350 Datasheet - English

GXV3350 Datasheet - French

GXV3350 Datasheet - German

GXV3350 Datasheet - Italian

GXV3350 Datasheet - Polish

GXV3350 Datasheet - Portuguese

GXV3350 Datasheet - Russian

GXV3350 Datasheet - Spanish

GXV3350 Datasheet - Vietnamese

GXV3350 Headset Compatibility List

GXV3350 Quick Installation Guide

GXV3350 Quick User Guide

Video Phones Power Consumption

GXV3350 User Guide

GS Android SDK

GXV3370/GXV3380/GXV3350 GUI Customization Web Tool



Connecting GDS37xx with GXV33xx Video Phones

GXV3350 Wall Mount Quick Installation Guide