The GXV3601 supports 1/3" lens. For 1/3" lens, the width of the image sensor is 4.8mm and the height is 3.6mm. The proportion between the width and the height is fixed.

The lens calculator is a handy tool that helps you to do the following:

  1. Calculate the dimension of the scene for a fixed distance and focal length.
  2. Calculate the distance to place the camera to capture a specific scene with a fixed focal length.
  3. Calculate the focal length needed to capture a scene with a specific dimension and distance.


Instructions on how to use the lens calculator:

  1. Enter two determined parameters(width/height, distance or focal length). The values should be in the same measurement unit (e.g. meters or feet).
  2. Click on the "Calculate" button next to the third parameter you wish to calculate.


Width: (m / ft)   Distance: (m / ft) 
Height: (m / ft)
   Focal length:   (mm)


Example 1: If the distance to the scene is 5 meters. Enter 5 in the "Distance" box and enter the focal length of the camera. Click on the "Calculate" button next to the "Width"and "Height" box. The height should be 5m and the width 6.67m when the focal length is equal to 3.6mm.
Example 2: If you wish to place the camera where the height is 3m. Enter 3 in the "Height" box and the width of the scene calculated will be 4m. Specify the focal length and click on the "Calculate" button next to "Distance". The calculated distance calculated should be 3 meters.  
Example 3: If you have determined the dimension(height/width) and the distance and wish to calculate the focal length. Enter the height/width, the distance, and click on the "Calculate" button next to "Focal Length". If the height is 2.25m and the distance is 2.5m, the focal length should be 4mm.