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The GRP2616 is a 6-line carrier-grade IP phone designed with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. This device was built for the needs of busy desktop workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers and other high-volume markets, the GRP2616 offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy voice platform.

GRP261x Series 802.1X Guide

GRP261x Series - AoC Guide

GRP261x Series - BLF Guide

GRP261x Series - Bluetooth Guide

GRP26xx Series - CTI Guide

GRP261x Series - DHCP Options Linux Server

GRP261x DHCP Options Windows Server

GRP26xx Series - DNS SRV Guide

GRP261x Series - Eventlist BLF Guide

GRP261x Series - Firmware Upgrade Guide

GRP26xx Series - Hot Desking Guide

GRP261x Series - LCD Display Language Guide

GRP261x Series - LDAP Guide

GRP26xx Series - Multicast Paging Guide

GRP26xx Series - Plug and Play Guide

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet english

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet french

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet german

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet italian

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet portuguese

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet russian

GRP2600 Series Sell Sheet spanish

GRP26xx Series - Server Redundancy Guide

GRP26xx Series - SIP Presence Guide

GRP26xx Series - VLAN Guide

GRP26xx VPK Guide

GRP261x Admin Guide

GRP261x, GRP2624 & GRP2634 Quick User Guide - English

GRP261x User Guide

GRP261x Wall Mount QIG

GRP261x Headset Compatiblity List

GRP261x Power Consumption

GRP26XX Security Manual

EU Declaration of Conformity GRP2616

GRP2616 Datasheet - English

GRP2616 Datasheet - French

GRP2616 Datasheet - Italian

GRP2616 Datasheet - Polish

GRP2616 Datasheet - Portuguese

GRP2616 Datasheet - Russian

GRP2616 Datasheet - Spanish

GRP2616 Datasheet -Turkish

GRP2616 Datasheet - Vietnamese


phonebook editor user guide

GS Affinity Guide

SNMP Guide

TR-069 Information

GS Provisioning Guide

GRP2616 Datasheet - German

Configuring GRP261x phones with 3CX Guide

GRP261x, GRP2624 & GRP2634 Quick User Guide - Spanish