Benefits to Building a Grandstream Hospitality Solution

If you are looking to build a communications, management and security solution for any hotel, resort, inn, lodge or bread-and-breakfast, Grandstream can provide every endpoint and management system you need to do so. Also, our wide range of products are able to work together to keep any hotel operating at maximum efficiency. To examine our hospitality solutions, let’s first highlight everything we offer, and then we’ll show you some real examples of hotels that deployed Grandstream solutions, and the results they achieved by doing so.



Hospitality Communication Solutions from Grandstream

Hotels rely heavily upon their communications between reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, management, and hotel guests. Connecting these users and meeting their unique communication needs is easier than ever with Grandstream. Whether you want to continue using existing technology or upgrade to a solution that you can rely on, Grandstream can help wherever it’s needed.

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Featured Case Studies


Quest Apartment Hotels

Quest properties aspire to deliver the highest level of customer service where guests can enjoy and experience their accommodations at ease. Quest began to look for a powerful communication solution that is both simple to use and reliable. By choosing Grandstream they were able to implement a completely digital, open-source SIP unified communication solution that gave them access to thousands of customizable voice, video, data and mobility features that would improve operations and customer service

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A unified, digital solution for an
international hotel brand

  • Complete redundancy
  • Improved Guest Experience
  • State-of-the-art Business Center
  • Increased staff communication
  • Easy Guest Communications
  • Hotel Management Software Integration

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A long-range outdoor Wi-Fi network
for a beachside restaurant

  • Robust, long-range coverage
  • Blazing fast Wi-Fi speeds
  • Weatherproof APs for outdoor use
  • Easy, centralized management
  • Separate guest & staff networks

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A Unified Communication and
hotel management solution

  • Scalable Network
  • Improved Guest Experience
  • Robust Reservations Process
  • Efficient Call Handling
  • Easy Guest Communications
  • Hotel Management Software Integration

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Our Products

If you are looking to build a communications, management and security solution for a hotel, Grandstream offers every endpoint and management system you need. Our wide range of products are able to work together to keep any hotel operating at maximum efficiency.

Unified Communication & Collaboration Solution

Any hotel needs a powerful unified communication & collaboration solution to centralize their communications. The UCM6300 series provides an ecosystem of mobility, security, video, collaboration tools and includes support for a call center suite, PMS integration, customer billing and more.
  • Supports up to 3000 users and up to 450 concurrent calls
  • Wave for Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox browsers allows communication with all UCM6300 users & solutions
  • Automated NAT firewall traversal service facilitates secure remote connections

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Wi-Fi AP with Integrated Ethernet Switch

Perfect for hotel guest rooms the GWN7602 compact Wi-Fi AP offers a 100 meter range and includes ethernet while also providing an uplink Gigabit network port with PoE/PoE+ to hotel and guest devices while providing easy connectivity to a reliable network.
  • 1.17Gbps aggregate wireless throughput, 1x Gigabit and 3x 100Mbit wireline speed
  • Up to 100 meters coverage range
  • Support up to 80 Wi-Fi client devices
  • Self power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE/PoE+ and PSE
  • Dual band 2x2:2 MIMO technology

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GRP Series of Essential IP Phones

The GRP2600 series are carrier-grade IP phones designed for mass deployment. These compact, streamlined, easy-to-use and cost-effective devices are perfect for both hotel guest rooms and staff with zero touch provisioning and easy management using GDMS.
  • Supported by GDMS which provides a centralized interface to configure, provision, manage and monitor Grandstream devices
  • PoE and Wi-Fi specific models available
  • Swappable face plates to allow for easy logo customization
  • Supports up to 5-way audio conferencing

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SIP Intercom & Speaker

The GSC3500 series of intercom speaker/ microphone and public address system allow hotels to seamlessly create intercom and paging solutions to make announcements, page staff and guests, stream music in common areas, and much more.
  • Speaker with HD acoustic chamber
  • Features SIP paging, multicast paging, call waiting with priority override
  • Full-band and wide-band audio codec support including Opus & G.722
  • Integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • One 10/100Mbps network port with PoE/PoE+

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Portable Wi-Fi IP Phone

The WP820 Cordless Wi-Fi IP Phone allows hotel staff such as room service, maintenance, and amenities to roam and make/receive SIP calls through the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. It includes push-to-talk for walkie talkie like communication.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi with efficient antenna design and advanced roaming support
  • Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices (contacts and call transferring)
  • HD voice & dual MIC design with AEC and Noise Shield Technology
  • Rechargeable 1500mAh battery, 7.5 hour talk time, 150-hour standby

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Infrared Weatherproof IP Cameras

The GSC series of weatherproof HD IP cameras with infrared technology to monitor indoor and outdoor placements allowing hotels to easily setup, deploy, and manage these cameras to offer a proactive security system and keep any hotel or resort secure
  • Supports motion detection
  • 3.6mm lens, ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects
  • Built-in PoE to power the device and provide a network connection
  • Supports alert notifications via outbound voice or video call & email screenshot
  • IP66-level weatherproof capability

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Long Range Wi-Fi Access Point

Hotels can benefit from an outdoor Wi-Fi access point that is designed to cover up to 300 meters and 200+ client devices. With waterproof casing and heat resistant technology, guests and hotel staff can move about freely while on the hotel grounds while still being connected to Wi-Fi.
  • 2.33Gbps wireless throughput and 2x Gigabit wireline ports
  • Dual-band 4x4:4 MIMO technology
  • Self power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE/PoE+
  • Embedded controller manages up to 50 local
  • GWN APs; GWN.Cloud offers unlimited AP management, & GWN Manager offers on-premise software AP management

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Video Conferencing System

For hotels that hold large conferences, the GVC3200 is a reliable and affordable video conferencing solution to record and host any meeting or speaker. Increase hotel conferencing collaboration by engaging face-to-face communication, regardless of location.
  • 1080p Full-HD video, up to 9-way video conferences, support for 3 monitor outputs through 3 HDMI outputs
  • 9-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses
  • PTZ camera with 12x zoom
  • Supports most SIP and H.323 video conferencing platforms
  • Plug and Play connection to Grandstream's IPVideoTalk

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Integrated Video Communications Solution

This desktop video phone can integrate with Grandstream’s security cameras and facility access systems allowing the front desk staff to monitor the hotel grounds. This phone could also be used to communicate with corporate staff as they may not always be on the hotel property.
  • 16 lines with up to 16 SIP accounts
  • Built-in mega-pixel camera for video calling with privacy shutter
  • Runs on Android 7.0 operating system
  • Built-in Bluetooth and integrated dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  • Built-in PoE/PoE+ to power the device and give it a network connection

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Building Hospitality Solutions

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