Benefits to Building a Grandstream UC Solution for Healthcare

If you are looking to build a communications, management and security solution for any hospital, clinic, dental office, or any other healthcare facility, Grandstream can provide every endpoint and management system you need to do so. Reliable mobile communication between departments, care teams, and patients is crucial for a functional organization to operate at maximum efficiency. There are now secure, reliable, and cost-effective options that allow healthcare facilities to streamline processes that provide better services to their patients and make healthcare professionals more efficient.



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How can we improve healthcare with Unified Communications?


2021 is here, and sometimes it looks like communication and collaboration platforms used in healthcare are not keeping up with the times. According to a study, nearly 80 percent of hospitals still use pagers and a survey showed that almost 52% of physicians said that these devices are one of their most significant sources of frustration. Pagers have existed since the 1950s, and because they work on a much higher frequency than cell phones, they allow doctors to be reachable despite x-ray proof walls and poor cell phone coverage, so it seems like pagers will still hang around at least for a few more years, but... how can we get healthcare professionals better communicated?
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How COVID-19 is Rapidly Evolving Telehealth


The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly due to the COVID-19 global outbreak. The technology used to communicate between doctors and patients ranges from simple telephone calls in place of visits to face-to-face video calls and even robot doctors. There has been a sudden boom in telehealth visits and enhancements in technology within the industry. Video chatting has been one of the safest means of communication between physicians, nurses, and patients in COVID-19 testing facilities and other urgent care centers on the frontlines. It allows healthcare workers to protect themselves from potentially contagious patients during this global pandemic, ultimately slowing the spread of the virus. 
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Featured Case Studies


Notre Dame Hospital

Notre Dame University Hospital in Lebanon needed to deploy a new, modern communication solution to improve communication throughout the hospital and the performance of their emergency response team. They were previously using a limited and
outdated analog network and needed to fully customize their call-routing processes to route calls as quickly as possible, handle more calls to dispatch emergency teams faster, and ensure their network had failover options. The hospital analyzed many different high-end communication solutions and chose a solution designed by Amik Online using Grandstream products.

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Tonga Red Cross

The Tonga Red Cross needed a modern phone system that would give them the features and capacity to handle more calls in a quick and efficient manner while providing better services to those in need. 

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World Health Organization

As part of a partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population the WHO planned to build an office in the Egyptian city of Cairo, it was imperative to have a reliable, redundant unified communications solution.

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BNS - Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes all across the United Kingdom were in search of technology solutions that would allow them to provide residents with better healthcare options as well as social inclusion.

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Our Products

If you are looking to build a communications, management and security solution for a hospital, clinic, or healthcare center, Grandstream offers every endpoint and management system you need. Our wide range of products are able to work together to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Unified Communication & Collaboration Solution

Any healthcare system needs a powerful unified communication & collaboration solution to centralize their communications. The UCM6300 series provides an ecosystem of mobility, security, video, collaboration tools and includes support for a call center suite, patient billing and more.
  • Supports up to 3000 users and up to 450 concurrent calls
  • Wave for Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox browsers allows communication with all UCM6300 users & solutions
  • UCM RemoteConnect provides automated NAT firewall traversal service to facilitate secure remote connections
  • Based on Asterisk* version 16

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Web Meeting and Collaboration Platform

IPVideoTalk can easily be incorporated into a telehealth solution as a video conferencing platform and web meeting space for doctors to consult with patients and colleagues. Current patients can still have their face-to-face appointments from the comfort of their own home,
  • Virtual Counseling - Hold centralized staff meetings online
  • Telehealth Consultation - Telehealth visits, consultation, diagnosis and check-ins
  • Health Education for Staff & Patient - Record meetings for patient’s future reference
  • Annotate Directly on Shared Screen - Share reports and other materials

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GRP Series of Essential IP Phones

The GRP2600 series are carrier-grade IP phones designed for mass deployment. These compact, streamlined, easy-to-use and cost-effective devices are perfect for a variety of healthcare staff with zero touch provisioning and easy management using GDMS.
  • Supported by GDMS which provides a centralized interface to configure, provision, manage and monitor Grandstream devices
  • PoE and Wi-Fi specific models available
  • Swappable face plates to allow for easy logo customization
  • Supports up to 5-way audio conferencing
  • Optional extension module for high-volume calls

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SIP Intercom & Speaker

Ideal for medical facilities, the GSC3500 series of intercom/speaker allows for crystal clear HD audio announcements. Ensure that any emergency announcement such as a lock down, incoming ER patients, or doctor paging will broadcast throughout the facility.
  • Speaker with HD acoustic chamber
  • Features SIP paging, multicast paging, call waiting with priority override
  • Full-band and wide-band audio codec support including Opus & G.722
  • Integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • One 10/100Mbps network port with PoE/PoE+

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Portable Wi-Fi IP Phone

The WP820 is a great cordless handset for large hospitals that require nurses, doctors, and employees to roam between rooms,
departments, and floors. Grandstream's Wi-Fi phone delivers high productivity features and the ability to roam with any Wi-Fi connection.

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi with efficient antenna design and advanced roaming support
  • Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices (contacts and call transferring)
  • HD voice & dual MIC design with AEC and Noise Shield Technology
  • Rechargeable 1500mAh battery, 7.5 hour talk time, 150-hour standby

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Infrared Weatherproof IP Cameras

The GSC series of weatherproof HD IP cameras with infrared technology to monitor indoor and outdoor placements allowing any user to setup, deploy, and manage these cameras to offer a proactive security system and keep any hospital or medical practice safe.
  • Supports motion detection
  • 3.6mm lens, ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects
  • Built-in PoE to power the device and provide a network connection
  • Supports alert notifications via outbound voice or video call & email screenshot
  • IP66-level weatherproof capability

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Wi-Fi Access Points

There is a constant flow of communication throughout healthcare facilities. Between staff and patients, there will be a high volume of user devices. The GWN series Wi-Fi access points can connect a mesh network to provide enough Wi-Fi coverage to handle the density of users.
  • Indoor access points provide up to 175 meter range and supports up to 450 clients 
  • Long-range weatherproof access points provide up to 300 meter range and supports up to 450 clients
  • Embedded controller manages up to 50 local GWN APs; GWN.Cloud offers unlimited AP management, & GWN Manager offers on-premise software AP management 
  • IP66-level weatherproof capability

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Video Conferencing System

Due to space constraints in operating rooms, operations are often recorded or live streamed for educational purposes in teaching hospitals. Using the GVC3220 doctors can talk through surgeries or answer questions for viewers, particularly if a surgeon has a special technique or procedure.
  • Equipped with the GMD1208 desktop wireless microphone with up to 5m pickup range
  • Up to 4K Full-HD video output
  • Runs on Android 9.0 operating system 
  • Advanced camera with 8M pixel CMOS sensor, FOV wide-angle lens, 12x zoom and PTZ for easy camera view adjustments
  • 5-way 1080P or 9-way 720P

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GXV3370Integrated Video Communications Solution

This desktop video phone is  ideal for healthcare practices to quickly check-in with patients, call out for consultations, and connect with the nurses on call. It can also provide residents of assisted living facilities with social inclusion and the ability easily video call friends and family.
  • 16 lines with up to 16 SIP accounts
  • Built-in mega-pixel camera for video calling with privacy shutter
  • Runs on Android 7.0 operating system
  • Built-in Bluetooth and integrated dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  • Built-in PoE/PoE+ to power the device and give it a network connection

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Unified Communications (UC) in Healthcare Infographic

Did you know that poor communication processes are costing millions of dollars to hospitals and clinics around the world? Communication processes inside hospitals and clinics could help achieve better results, increase revenue and overall patient satisfaction. Improve this situation with the proper Unified Communications solutions from Grandstream. Learn more about this in our infographic below.


  Infographic - Unified Communications in Healthcare