Solution Overview

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Facility Access

Track, manage, control, and restrict access to any facility or room by adding Grandstream's GDS series to your Webex Calling solution. The GDS series provides RFID card entry, attendance management, audio/video intercom, and can be used with existing security devices. 

Video Security

Grandstream makes it easy to add video surveillance to any Webex Calling solution. GSC series IP cameras can be added as an extension to any WebEx account, provide powerful features, and can team up with other endpoints to keep your facility secure.

Intercom & Paging Communication

Intercom & paging solutions provide quick communication throughout any facility, and Grandstream's GSC series makes it easy to add it to your Webex Calling solution. With the GSC series, you can quickly reach anyone within a facility, providing a critical security element.

Solution Benefits

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Seamless Office Management

Grandstream solutions make it easy to use your Webex Calling solution to manage your organization. Provide employees with RFID cards for easy entry, track their attendance, allow/restrict entry for visitors, speak with visitors, record and be notified of security events, and quickly reach others in a pinch. 


Keep Any Facility
Safe & Secure

It has never been more important to ensure the physical security of any facility, and Grandstream products allow your Webex Calling solution to do just that. By combining our facility access devices with our video surveillance cameras, you can easily create a video surveillance solution to cover any facility.


Increase Facility Communication

Grandstream's solutions expand the flow of communication by providing proactive security protection. Get notified when visitors arrive and when unexpected motion is detected, speak with visitors before granting entry, allow visitors to contact staff directly, quickly contact anyone through paging or intercom, etc.

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Grandstream's Facility Access solutions ensure that any facility operates efficiently by keeping it safe, secure, and connected. They provide Cisco Webex Calling users with the ability manage and control access to any facility, to ensure 24/7 video surveillance of an entire facility, and to quickly reach anyone in a pinch.

Webex Calling Certified Products

Facility Access Solutions

The GDS series tracks and manages access to any room or building and provides a dedicated audio and/or video intercom. Pair the GDS series with your Webex Calling solution to keep any indoor facility safe and secure, 24/7. Grandstream’s free software, GDS Manager, provides RFID card management, video feed access, timecard management, and more.



The GDS3710 is an IP Video Door System that also serves as a high-definition IP surveillance camera and IP intercom to offer facility access control and security monitoring for buildings of all sizes. Click here to learn more.



The GDS3705 provides a strong audio-only facility access and security monitoring solution that can be deployed in environments of all sizes. Click here to learn more. 

IP Video Surveillance 

Grandstream's IP cameras allow Webex Calling users to easily add video surveillance to their solution. In addition to 24/7 HD video recording, Grandstream IP cameras team up with your other endpoints to create a proactive solution, for example, notifying IP phones when security events occur. We also offer free video management software, GSURF Pro. 



The GSC3620 is a weatherproof infrared (IR) ceiling-mounted dome IP camera with a 2.8mm-12mm varifocal lens - making it an ideal device for any monitoring need. Click here to learn more.  



The GSC3615 a weatherproof Infrared (IR) wall-mounted bullet IP camera with a fixed 3.6mm lens - making it ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects. Click here to learn more.  



The GSC3610 is a weatherproof infrared (IR) ceiling-mounted fixed dome IP camera with a 3.6mm lens - making it ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects. Click here to learn more.  

Intercom & Paging Solutions

The GSC3500 Series allows any facility to build a wide ranging SIP intercom and paging solution that expands communication and adds security. Cisco Webex Calling customers can add the GSC series to add dedicated intercom and public address devices that can be easily utilized simply by calling their extension from another endpoint. 



The GSC3510 is a SIP intercom speaker and microphone that offers 2-way voice functionality to increase security and communication in any indoor environment. Click here to learn more. 



The GSC3505 is a 1-way public address SIP speaker that offers a public address announcement solution to expand security and communication in any indoor environment. Click here to learn more. 

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If you want to learn more about adding facility access to a Cisco Webex Calling solution with Grandstream, we are here to help. Whether you have a technical question, a purchasing question, or just want to learn more, drop us a note and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.