Benefits to Building a Grandstream Solution for a Call Center

Grandstream can provide a VoIP system equipped with all the features needed to create a robust are call center, allowing any organization to implement their own call center. There are hundreds of different hardware/software providers across the globe that integrate call center functionalities into their solutions, and every call center system has its pros and cons. When selecting the right call center system for your business, contact center, or call center, it's important to decide which features you want your phone system to have.


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How to Use the UCM IP PBX's Call Center Features

For small to medium businesses, customization is important when building out a telecommunication solution. An on-premise VoIP solution is a popular IT system as it allows businesses to create a scalable solution to fit their needs. One of the major functionalities that a VoIP system delivers is call center features that allow for organizations to implement their own localized call center to better serve their customer base. Grandstream Networks’ UCM series of IP PBXs have built-in call center features that allow businesses to run their call centers efficiently and effectively. In this blog, we take you through the major call center features in the UCM series and how to best utilize them.

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UCM - Call Queue

So what's call queue and what is it used for? Well, for starters, Call Queue places your callers in an ordered “queue” or line until the next available agent can help them. Why would you use it? One example is in a busy inbound environment, where you may not have enough bodies to cover the phones.

In this regard, call queue can help provide better service to calling customers by giving them piece of mind that the next agent will be right with them. Besides the queuing of callers, UCM Call Queue offers a slew of other options to customize; custom prompts, assigning static or dynamics agents, ring strategy, virtual queue callback and more.

So sit back and enjoy this episode of Video Guides!

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UCM Series Call Center User Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a driving force in steering organizations around the world to find new ways of staying connected and working together. Grandstream offers plenty of solutions that support remote and hybrid work and collaboration. We offer a wide variety of remote and mobility solutions that can be scaled to support any organization, including small-to-medium businesses, enterprises, schools, hospitals, governments, and more. 

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Our Products

If you are looking to build a communications, management and security solution for an education system, Grandstream offers every endpoint and management system you need. Our wide range of products are able to work together to keep any hotel operating at maximum efficiency.

Unified Communication & Collaboration Solution

The UCM6300 series allows any call center to build powerful and scalable unified communication solutions. Whether agents are remote or on-site this IP PBX offers all of the features needed to build a robust call center system for your business, contact center, or call center.
  • Supports up to 3000 users and up to 450 concurrent calls
  • Wave for Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox browsers allows communication with all UCM6300 users & solutions
  • Automated NAT firewall traversal service facilitates secure remote connections 

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GRP Series of Professional IP Phones

The GRP2600 series offers essential and professional carrier-grade IP phone models designed for mass deployment and easy management, and enables any call center network to be completely customized based on the call capacity and needs of individual agents.
  • Supported by GDMS which provides a centralized interface to configure, provision, manage and monitor Grandstream devices
  • PoE and Wi-Fi specific models available
  • Swappable face plates to allow for easy logo customization
  • Supports up to 5-way audio conferencing

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Extension Module

The GBX20 is a backlit LCD extension module supported by phones in the GRP series. The module includes 20 dual-colored extension keys and 2 arrow keys for page switching (allowing each GBX20 to support up to 40 contacts/extensions.). Connect up to 4 modules for a total of 160 contacts/extensions.
  • 4.3 inch (272x480) TFT color LCD
  • 20 per page (each module contains 2 pages, for up to 40 lines per module)
  • Combine up 4 daisy-chained modules for 160 contacts/extensions
  • BLF, call park /pick-up, speed-dial, presence, intercom, voice conferencing transfer/forward and more

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Mobile, Desktop and Web Application

The call center functionality on a UCM6300 series device is compatible with and accessible from the Wave application, so call centers can use the platform via desktop, app, and/or web for on-site and remote agents to remotely join, schedule and hold calls from anywhere.
  • Supports Android & iOS devices; Chrome and Firefox browsers; Windows & Mac computers
  • Allows UCM6300 series users to call other extensions, landlines & mobile numbers
  • Supports use with Bluetooth, USB and other headsets
  • Compatible with UCM RemoteConnect cloud service for secure remote connections
  • Schedule and start meetings from the app

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Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

The GWN7660 is an enterprise-grade 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 access point and offers dual-band 2x2:2 MU-MIMO with DL/UL OFDMA technology and a sophisticated antenna designed for Wi-Fi networks with high-density environments such as a call center where there are many agents on-site.
  • 1.77Gbps aggregate wireless throughput and 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Up to 175-meter coverage range
  • Supports 256 concurrent Wi-Fi client devices
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low-latency applications
  • Self-power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE or PoE+

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E1/T1/J1 Digital VoIP Gateway

The GXW4500 series are E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateways that allow digital PSTN and ISDN trunks to be integrated with VoIP networks. By connecting the GXW4500 call centers can integrate traditional phone systems into a VoIP network and efficiently manage communication costs.
  • Software configurable E1/T1/ J1 ports, support PRI, SS7, MFC R2
  • Dual Gigabit auto- sensing RJ45 network ports with integrated NAT router
  • Supports a wide- range of voice codecs, including Opus, G.722, G.729, iLBC, and more
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and accounts

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