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IPVT10 is an on-premise server designed to support the needs of modern enterprises. It offers a state-of-the-art collaboration platform complete with rich video and audio features to provide a centralized, scalable solution to manage an entire businesses’ conferencing needs.

IPVT10 Datasheet - English

IPVT10 Datasheet - French

IPVT10 Datasheet - German

IPVT10 Datasheet - Italian

IPVT10 Datasheet - Portuguese

IPVT10 Datasheet - Russian

IPVT10 Datasheet - Spanish

IPVT10 Datasheet - Vietnamese

IPVT10 Administration Guide

IPVT10 Cluster Server Environment Guide

IPVT10 Cluster Server Guide

IPVT10 Conference Clients Configuration

IPVT10 Quick Installation Guide

IPVT10 Server Meetings Performance

IPVT10 Service NAT Interfaces Configuration

IPVT10 SIP Trunk Service Address Configuration

IPVT10 External Network –Typical Network Solutions

IPVT10 External Users to Internal Server – Typical Network Solutions

IPVT10 Internal Network and External Network –Typical Network Solutions

IPVT10 Internal Network and some External Users – Typical Network Solutions

IPVT10 Internal Network –Typical Network Solutions

IPVT10 User Guide

IPVT Sample Meeting Report

IPVT Security Handout

IPVideoTalk/IPVT10 - Facebook Live Guide

IPVideoTalk/IPVT10 - Third Party Live Guide

IPVideoTalk/IPVT10 - YouTube Live Guide

IPVideotalk/IPVT10 - How to Share Presentation from WebRTC