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Constructing a high-end and interoperable communications network with your analog devices is easier than ever. The GXW4104/4108 is ideal for small to medium business that are looking to integrate existing PSTN lines with an IP PBX system or with an existing traditional phone system.

gxw400x wp demo configuration

GXW4104/4108 Datasheet - English

GXW4104/4108 Datasheet - Portuguese

GXW4104/4108 Datasheet - Spanish

gxw410x interop 3cx

gxw410x interop asterisk

gxw410x interop trixbox

gxw410x quickstartguide english

gxw410x quickstartguide french

gxw410x quickstartguide german

gxw410x quickstartguide italian

gxw410x quickstartguide spanish

gxw410x usermanual english

gxw410x wp traditonal

gxw410x wp video surveillance

GXW Extending Analog Lines

Typical GXW Series Scenario