Grandstream and Cohesive Technologies win Best Security Project of the Year

Award-winning Project Integrates Surveillance Recording/Monitoring, an Intercom Network and Door Access Solutions into one Powerful Solution

Boston, MA and New Delhi, India (March 31, 2015) – – Secutech, one of the largest security events in India, recently announced that Grandstream and distributor Cohesive Technologies were the winners of their “Best Security Project of the Year” award.  Over 100 companies applied for this prestigious award and only 5 winners were chosen. The award was organized and given out by SECONA – an organization created for security professionals in India. The award-winning project from Grandstream and Cohesive Technologies is a powerful solution that converges surveillance protection with an intercom network and a door access system. The installation occurred at the M2K and Antariksh Housing Societies in New Delhi. Cohesive Technologies created the technical plans for the project, which featured Grandstream IP solutions and 2N Door Access cameras.

The award-winning project featured Grandstream IP surveillance cameras installed throughout all apartments and common areas in both housing complexes to allow for powerful security protection while also offering intercom functionality, either through built-in speaker/microphones or use of the cameras audio input/output ports. Grandstream IP Phones and IP Video Phones were installed through the building and in all apartments to allow residents to make voice calls while also allowing them to make calls to any camera in the building to see live video feeds and use the cameras intercom. Grandstream’s IP phones and IP video phones were integrated with a 2N Door Camera at each entrance – which enables a SIP voice and/or video call to be made from the door camera to the Grandstream IP Phone. The user can press a key on the Grandstream IP phone (provisioned through DTMF codes) that can tell the door camera to open the door. Grandstream’s UCM series IP PBX is used as the anchor of this entire solution.

As a result of this award-winning project, all aspects of the voice and video communication and security solution were integrated into one network that could be fully managed and controlled by the property owner from one central location. The integration of these communication and security solution also allows the devices to communicate together to proactively protect the Housing Society - offering additional security protection and peace of mind to residents.

“This award is a source of great pride to our firm,” said Ashdhir Kinra CEO and founder of Cohesive Technologies. “It shows our dedication to creating the best possible converged surveillance solutions for enterprises and end-users. In turn, this helps to keep society more secured and connected. We are excited about continuing to design award-winning projects that provide the highest level of service to our clients.”

“An award such as this really show the true power of the integrated solutions offered by the convergence of Grandstream products,’ said David Li, CEO of Grandstream Networks. “SIP offers a tremendous platform to integrate multiple different technologies and solutions on to one network – and the result is beneficial for both end users, installers and channel partners alike. End users benefit from expanded security protection and communication abilities that can be managed from one location, while installers and channel partners are able to offer additional services that are extremely easy to setup and install.”

About Cohesive Technologies

Cohesive Technologies is a solution provider on VoIP and unified communication Platform. Cohesive Tie-up with Technology Partners like 2N, Epygi, Eurotech, Aculab, and Grandstream not only helps to provide variety of VoIP solutions but also ensures state-of-the-art technology solutions with scalable and reliable systems. The main goal is to make communication easy and cost effective so that business can thrive and continue to run smoothly. For more information, please visit for more information.

About Grandstream Networks

Founded in 2002, Grandstream Networks is the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions. Grandstream serves the SMB and consumer markets with innovative products that lower communication costs, increase security protection, and enhance productivity. Our open standard SIP-based products offer broad interoperability in the industry, unrivaled features, flexibility, and price-performance competitiveness.


SECONA – the Security Consultants’ Association – was established in 2012 as the first and only association of Security Consultants in India. SECONA provides a ground-breaking platform for likeminded security professionals to come together and tackle the challenges that the security industry in India is faced with. SECONA is managed by prominent security consultants in India and is supported by leading stakeholders in the global security industry.  SECONA has recently formed Astra – the Academy for Security Technology Research & Application – in a campus in Navi Mumbai, to promote best practices in the industry. Visit for more information.