Question: Why does the GXV3140 unable to obtain an IP address?

The GXV3140 has three ways to obtain an IP address- DHCP, PPPoE and static IP. Before you configure the phone, please make sure that the network is fully functional.

You are able to configure the network setting through the phone’s LCD screen or through the web interface. If you are connected to the Internet through a router or a switch, please choose DHCP. If you need an account and password to connect to the Internet, you can choose PPPoE. If you use a static IP provided by your ISP, please choose the static IP option.

To configure the IP address through the LCD, select [MENU]→[Setting]→[Network]→[Connection] and select one of the three methods to obtain an IP address. If you choose DHCP, please press F3 to save and reboot the phone; the phone will obtain an IP address from the DHCP server automatically. If PPPoE is chosen, you will need a PPPoE account and password; please contact your network administrator if you do not know this. Type in the required account name and password, press F3 to save and reboot the phone. If static IP is chosen, please enter the IP address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway and DNS Server (optional) correctly; press F3 to save and then reboot the phone.

Figure: Network Settings Configuration Page

GXV3140 network settings

Follow these steps to configure the network settings through the web interface:

Type the phone’s IP address in the web browser and log into the web configuration interface. Select [Maintenance] →[Network Settings]. Configure the network settings in the same manner as the LCD screen.