Question: What are the functions of the keys on the GXV3140?

Every key on the GXV3140 has its corresponding function. Please see the figure below:

GXV3140 screen demo



GXV3140 F1 button

4 function/soft keys that correspond to the functions displayed on the LCD.


GXV3140 F2 button


GXV3140 F3 button


GXV3140 F4 button


GXV3140 Line button

Line/Account selection. Three independent SIP accounts may be configured, and the Line button can be used to choose the line/account to be used.

GXV3140 Mail button

Retrieve video/voicemail message or other messages.


GXV3140 Phone book button


GXV3140 Camera button

Camera Loopback button. This button Enables or Disables the camera display on the local LCD.

GXV3140 Call transfert button

Call Transfer: Transfers a call to another extension or number.

GXV3140 Call on hold button

Places the call on hold

GXV3140 Conference button

Conference button - connects the caller/callee to the conference

GXV3140 turn off  button

Sends a new number or redials the last number dialed.


GXV3140 mute button

Turns the Speaker ON or OFF.