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Welcome to the Grandstream Training Center. This page is your one-stop-shop for Grandstream trainings and for learning about Grandstream solutions. The Training Center provides our upcoming in-person and online training schedule, includes learning resources to use during training or just to learn about Grandstream products, provides access to our certification exams, offers general VoIP educational resources and provides recent Grandstream news. 





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  Training Webinars


Our training webinars offer the ability to get quickly trained on setup, installation and management of Grandstream products from the comfort of your own office or home. Training webinars do not cover as much content as in-person training (which are recommended for more in-depth training)....

Recent Webinars


Grandstream Gateways & ATAs Training Webinar

Grandstream's GWN7610 WiFi Access Point

Grandstream Business Conferencing Webinar

Grandstream Surveillance Training Webinar

Grandstream New UCM IP PBX Features in 2016

Grandstream UCM series IP PBX Training Webinar

      GDS3710 Webinars


More training webinars coming soon


Gateway & ATAs Webinars


More training webinars coming soon

UCM Training Webinars


More training webinars coming soon



Technical Webinars


More training webinars coming soon

Wireless Networking Webinars


More training webinars coming soon.





  In-Person Training Classes

In-person training classes are generally full-day trainings that cover every aspect of installation, management and use of Grandstream products. Those looking to become a “Grandstream Certified Installer” must attend an in-person training class and pass the certification exam at the end of the class.

    Upcoming In-Person Trainings




  Become a Certified Grandstream Reseller


1. Join our reseller program, Reseller Connect
2. Attend an in-person Grandstream training and pass the certification exam
3. Display the Certified Reseller logo on your website



  Product Resources and Tools


Access product datasheets and technical documentation, firmware, FAQs and product tools.


Datasheets & Technical Documents


    Download Firmware






    Product Tools




  VoIP Education Center


Are you looking to learn more about VoIP and the various technologies that make up VoIP? This section contains education resources to help you get up to speed on
everything VoIP and SIP

Download Intro to VoIP Guide
Download VoIP Phone System Guide
Download GS Solution Guide
Download Grandstream Affinity Guide
Download GDS Manager Guide
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