UCM62xx Release Notes


1. Backup your UCM62xx's data (including configuration) before upgrading is recommended.

2. For UCM62xx on 1.0.14.x, please upgrade to directly.

3. For UCM62xx on firmware lower than 1.0.14.x, please follow the upgrading instructions in UCM62xx release note to upgrade to first, then upgrade to

4. After upgrading successfully, please clear cache or refresh your UCM web UI in your web browser before configuring UCM again.

5. This firmware has fixed a backup issue on firmware which causes backup failure when CDR has lots of data. If you UCM is on and cannot create backup file, please use a backup file from 1.0.14.x or contact Grandstream tech support for assistance.


UCM62xx Release Firmware

UCM62xx User Manual for Firmware 1.0.15.x