DP752/750/730/722/720/760 Release Notes


DP752/750/760 Firmware File

Important Upgrade Notes:

1. Firmware contains security fix and it's recommended to upgrade to For all DP series, once upgraded to or above, downgrading to or previous firmware version is not supported.

2. If your device was previously upgraded to and works normal, there is no need to upgrade to Firmware contains the same security fix.

3. If your device is on and experiencing configuration issue that it cannot be saved after upgrading, please contact our support via helpdesk. This is a known issue on that at very low chance after the device is upgraded, the device may lose the configuration and cannot save it anymore. This issue only happens immediately after upgrading process.

Note:  DP730/DP722/DP720 firmware can be upgraded once the connected DP750/752 base is upgraded to new firmware. The firmware version on DP730/722/720 will be the same as the base after upgrading.


HTTP Firmware upgrade path for BETA release is: