Our solutions for Law Offices


Our award-winning solutions allow law offices and legal professionals to operate a productive, efficient and secure office.

Secure and Reliable – Our products, including our UCM series of IP PBXs, offer law firms a secure and reliable voice, video, data and mobility solution

Powerful Video Communications– Grandstream’s Video conferencing solutions as well as our IP Video Phones for Android allow staff to keep in touch with clients, out-of-office employees and courthouse personnel. Our IPVieoTalk Video and Web Conferencing service can allow any video conference to be turned into an online meeting that can be joined from anywhere - ensuring members of the team are productive and efficient no matter where they are.

Secure Record Keeping – Our IP PBXs allow law offices to automatically record all calls or select calls, while also offering call detail records (CDR). Our video conferencing system offers easy and reliable video conference recording.


Conference Room

Our voice and video conferencing solutions are ideal for law firms and legal offices. Our GVC series of video conferencing devices offers high-end video features without the high-end costs. They support any SIP or H.323 video conferencing platform, allowing for easy and cost-effective expansion of a current system while also offering a great system for those just starting with video conferencing. Our easy-to-use interface makes video conferening as easy as using a smartphone, and our multi-platform support allows law firms to choose the video conferencing platform that is fits their needs. Additionally, our GAC2500 offers one of the best Conference Phones on the market and features a customizable Android-based platform that allows it to be used in a veirty of ways, with a variety of devices, with either a WiFi or hard-wired connection.

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Grandstream's IP Video Conferencing products


Grandstream's IP Voice Telephony products

Secure Voice Communications

Our wide-range of IP phones and allow law offices to easily keep in touch with employees throughout the firm or other office locations. With over 12 different current IP phone models and corldess IP phone models, we have a device that is ideal for every type of user. All of our IP phones feature secure encryption technology and advanced calling features while offering a variety of customizable features. 

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Secure System Management

Our UCM series of IP PBXs allows law offices to build a phone system that can handle a large amount of callers, multiple office locations while offering great customer service. Build a voice network that incorporate IVRs, auto-attendants, call queues, customizable call routing, paging and multi-language prompts in order to enhance customer service. 

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Grandstream's IP PBX's products


IPVideoTalk Video, Audio and Web Conferencing by Grandstream

Out-of-Office Workers

Law firms and legal offices need to be able to keep their workers productive, efficient and connected no matter where they are. Our IPVideoTalk Video and Web Conferencing platform allows a conference held on any Grandstream GVC Video Conferencing device to become an online meeting that can be joined from anywhere. Turn any physical room into a virtual online meeting place that can be seamlessly joined by other GVCs and by web users from anywhere in the world. Out-of-office workers can also take advantage of our free softphone application, Grandstream Wave, to allow them to make and recieve business calls on their mobile phones.

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