Grandstream’s GXV3175 and GXV3140 IP Multimedia phones are the perfect endpoint to pair with any Access Intercom system. The GXV31xx IP Multimedia Phones feature live streaming of
H.264, H.263, and H.263+
video and a tiltable 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera, along with real-time video conferencing, HD audio, social media and productivity applications, streaming online media content, a web-browser, and more. Grandstream has completed extensive interoperability testing with the following Access Intercom partners to ensure that the end user has a flawless access intercom experience.


2N is a leader in telecommunication solutions for enterprises and operators worldwide, focused on SME, LME, and operator solutions, and serving customers in more than 120 countries around the globe. Their product portfolio consists of a wide range of GSM and UMTS gateways and routers,
lift and door intercoms, a high-capacity IP multimedia switching platform, Unified Communications solutions,
VoIP-enabled private branch exchanges (PBX), M2M solutions and IP audio system.


LINKCOM offers the market a complete range of GSM Gateway, VoIP mobile convergence, Door Phone (VoIP) and M2M solutions in home automation, access control and security of goods and people. The range LINKCOM is developed to be complementary to manufacturers and distributors of PABX and IP PBX. Betwen 2009 - 2010 a significant improvement in turnover 30% and the maintenance of an evaluation of «Excellent» from the Bank of France.


MOBOTIX AG is a software company with in-house hardware development in the area of digital, high-resolution and network-based video security solutions. The company focuses on the development of user-friendly complete system solutions from a single source. The publicly-traded company with headquarters in Langmeil, Germany, is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology since its foundation in 1999 and its decentralized concept has also made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. Whether in embassies, airports, railway stations, ports, gas stations, hotels or highways, over one hundred thousand MOBOTIX video systems have been in operation on every continent for years.

Robin Telecom Development

Robin Telecom Development develops telecom products such as SIP (video) entry-door phones and video surveillance solutions. We operate under the philosophy that taking on new challenges will broaden the boundaries and keep the work interesting. Robin’s dedicated staff is committed to continuously developing innovative and exciting products to fulfill customer needs. Quality is the key factor in all stages of the process.


SURiX is an innovative manufacturer of Door Phone systems in Latin America, starting with the invention of the first Door Phone system connectible to telephony networks for buildings and gated communities. The company provides intercom solutions to building industry and telephony distributors and manufacturers. In addition, SURiX has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of VoIP products since 2010 with a manufacturing facility in Argentina. Moreover, the company recently began conducting foreign commerce from its Israel location.

Viking Electronics

Viking Electronics

Viking Electronics designs and manufactures over 250 telecommunications and security related products for small businesses. The majority of our products are “problem solvers,” designed to fix or add unique features to other manufacturers’ telephone or security systems. We also manufacture several stand-alone telephone and security products that set themselves apart from the competition by their simple design, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.


StentofonBaudisch is a subsidiary company of the established communication and security specialists Baudisch Electronic GmbH, Scanvest Deutschland GmbH and Zenitel Norway AS. The three strong partners are established specialists in the field of intercom technology and since January 1st 2012 StentofonBaudisch combine their best features: developing competence, quality of work, distribution strength and large project experience. With the StentofonBaudisch GmbH you can realize exceptional solutions for your projects – whether customized SIP stations for industrial or surgical area, SIP door stations with IP video, multifunctional communication platforms with touch or RFID and access control.