TMC Labs Innovation Award

This award is given out annually by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and recognizes the most innovative and significant products that have been released within the previous year.

Years won: 2006 (GXV3000), 2008 (GXE5000 series), 2009 (GXV3140), 2010 (GXV3611), 2011 (GXV3662), 2012 (GXP2124), 2013 - UC (GXV3672), 2014 (GXP2100 series), 2014 - UC (GXV3275)


Internet Telephony Magazine’s annual Product of the Year

this award is given out annually by Internet Telephony Magazine to recognize the most innovative and well-rounded products within the IP industry. Internet Telephony Magazine has been giving out their “Product of the Year” award since 1998.