GSurf Pro - Video Management Software

Grandstream Video Management Software (VMS) is the central management system for Grandstream cameras and encoder/decoders. It provides a one-stop control for devices, video recording and alarm events. Use GSurf_Pro to monitor, search and record up to 36 cameras simultaneously, manage videos locally or remotely via the controlled server with Client/Server architecture. Powerful features, yet easy to use design, make this a total solution package when combined with Grandstream IP surveillance products and 3rd party sensors.

     Feature Highlights

  • Client/Server architecture with e-Map support
  • “Add & Go” Transmit Server allows multi-point viewing same live video.
  • Record File Sharing Server allows remote clients to download and replay local server records.
  • Multi-screen display support with manual switch or automatic patrolling camera viewing
  • Scheduled or Alarm triggered primary video stream recording for different cameras   
  • Import/Export Configuration for easy maintenance with user management and log management
  • Synchronize the time for all the connected cameras from central server
  • Configurable Alarm DO/DI with batch configuration available
  • Two-way audio/video monitoring and alarming
  • Replay up to 4 recorded local or remote video simultaneously
  • Convert recorded H.264 video to AVI format for convenient video portability.

GSurf Pro Documents & Specifications

GSurf Pro Software Download
GSurf Pro Software Release Notes Download
Brochure/Specification Download  | French | German | Italian | RussianSpanish 
User Manual Download
Comparison between GSurf and GSurf Pro Download  


OS: Windows 2003/2008 Server; Windows XP SP2/SP3; Windows Vista; Windows 7 32bit/64bit; Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7; 2.6GHz or above
Memory Capacity (RAM): 8GB or above
Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB (depending on recording requirement)
Graphics Card Type: Discrete Graphics Card Recommended
Network Adapter: 1000Mbps network adapter
OS: Windows XP SP2/SP3; Windows Vista; Windows 7 32bit/64bit; Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5; 2.6GHz or above
Memory Capacity (RAM): 4GB or above
Hard Drive Capacity: 500GB (depending on recording requirement)
Graphics Card Type: Discrete Graphics Card Recommended
Network Adapter: 100Mbps network adapter, 1000Mbps recommended
Yes (English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, more pending)
Yes (Sever as single source of video instead of individual cameras)
Yes (Centralized video recording file management for local and remote clients)
Compression: H.264, MJPEG
Resolution: Support all resolutions from Grandstream cameras or encoder/decoder (FHD, HD, D1, VGA, CIF, QCIF, etc)
View Panel Layout: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 16, 20, 25, 36
Manual Recording & Snapshot: Yes
Two-Way Audio & Video: Yes
Full Screen Display:Yes (hidden tool bar when in full screen display mode)
Alarm & Log Display: Real-time alarm information and operation log display (when selected)
View Panel Arrangement: Drag and draw to change panel display arrangement
Polling Mode: Support manual selected video display or automatically patrol polling video display
Manual Recording & Replay: Yes
Time Schedule Automatic Recording: Yes
Alarm/Event Triggered Recording: Yes
Smart Deletion: Yes
Replay Mode:Play; Pause; Stop; Slow Forward; Fast Forward; Frame Forward; Mute; Snapshot during replay
File Searching: support searching recorded video via time, device IP, Stored Disk, Channel or Alarm Event Type.
PTZ Control:Yes (related hardware required, not provided)
PTZ Console Speed Control: Yes (related hardware required, not provided)
Pre-defined Position Configuration: Yes (Position Setup; Switch; Delete)
Event Type: Motion detection; DO/DI input (3rd party I/O device, not provided)
Event Setup/Delete: Yes
Alarm Event Triggered Video Recording: Yes
Play Pre-recorded Alarm Audio: Yes
Pop-up Window reminding Alarm: Yes (when configured, pop up window displaying video from alarmed device)
Alarm event displayed in e-Maps: Yes (blinking alarm venue in e-Maps)
e-Map Management:Yes (Add, Configure, Delete)
e-Map Monitor:Yes (Blinking alarm venue; pop-up alarm)
Layered e-Map:Yes, Supported
Automatic Logon: Yes (when configured, automatic log on and load default setting and display arranged video panels)
User Management: Yes
Auto Run when Power On: Yes (when configured)
Exit Authentication: Yes
Configuration Import/Export: Yes