Question: How do I perform keypad diagnostics on the GXV3140?

After the GXV3140 is installed; you should do a diagnostic to make sure that the keys are functional. Select [MENU]→[Settings]→[Maintenance] →[Factory Functions] →[Keypad/LED Diagnostics] and press Start to start the diagnostic process (see figure below).

In the diagnostic mode, the name / function of every key you press (except F4 / Exit) will be displayed on the LCD. This ensures that the keys are working properly. If the displayed name does not match the key you press, it means there is a problem with that key. Press F4 to exit the keypad diagnostic mode.

Note: The [MENU] key is also mapped to the round OK button on the GXV3140 keypad.

Figure:Keypad/LED Diagnostics

GXV3140 screenshot 11