Question: How to allow users to dial trunk provider feature codes?

The UCM6100 has built in feature codes, so there are times where UCM feature codes conflict with the trunk provider feature codes. The way around this would be to create an outbound pattern that essentially dials the providers feature code. For example, *72 on the UCM is used for "Unconditional Call Forwarding", but the trunk provider has their *72 set as "Do Not Disturb". If the user attempts to enable "Do Not Disturb" by dialing *72, they would be setting "Unconditional Call Forwarding" instead. Here's how to get around this:

- Navigate to Web UI -> PBX -> Basic/Call Routes -> Outbound Routes
- Click on "Create New Outbound Rule"
- Calling Rule Name is for reference purposes. In this example it would be set as "TrunkDND"
- Pattern: Configure a pattern that does not conflict with the current feature codes. E.g. 88
- Use Trunk: Select the trunk that the feature code is needed
- Strip: Before appending the trunk feature code, 88 must be striped from the dialed string. In this case 2 digits will be stripped
- Append: After stripping the 88 from the dialed string append the trunk provider's "Do Not Disturb" feature code. In this case it would be *72
- Click "Save" at the bottom then "Apply Changes" at the top.

For this example, if a user dials "88" it will be routed through the specified trunk, strip "88", append "*72" then send the manipulated string through the trunk to enable DND.

Category: UCM6100 Series