5 Benefits of Unified Communications

By: Johanna Brito, Marketing Specialist  | November 11, 2016

On my last post I briefly talked about Unified Communications. Specifically, how a business can unify and streamline all of its communication into one powerful solution. If you are thinking about implementing Unified Communication Management in your business, it’s worth taking a deeper look into the many benefits. Here are my top 5 reasons why Unified Communications is a must in any business.   

1. Incorporate different communication features to enhance collaboration

What if you could multitask on different devices to get more done? With the the UCM series you can. A great feature of the Unified Communication Management (UCM) series from Grandstream is the ability to access a wide variety of different technologies on one powerful, integrated network. Where old phone systems could only support telephony/voice, IP-based UC networks can support pretty much any type of technology, allowing you integrate on one network. For example, integrating devices so that video cameras can call video phones when an alarm is triggered.


2. Create, unify and manage multiple networks under one roof

​​Another powerful feature of UC is the ability to streamline IP communications. That’s because UC has centralized functionalities that allows businesses to peer with multiple spaces. The UCM series (also know as IP PBX) is ideal for businesses with multiple physical office locations and remote workers, as multiple UCMs can be peered together. It even offers a centralized UCM that can support multiple locations. Keeping everything on the same network (regardless of physical location) makes set up and maintenance as easy as possible. That’s unification at its best.


3. Ideal for supporting future expansion

​Expanding your network just got easier. Thanks to the broad SIP device support of IP (and the UCM), you can add any type of device and technology to your network at any time. This includes fax, video surveillance, video conferencing, facility access (door cameras), video calling, mobile phone support, security devices like session border controllers (SBCs) and more. Making expansion fast, easy and manageable.


4. SMBs can operate & compete under a global scale

​With different communication options from UC, a small business can multiply their communication flow, increasing their size but not their workload. This allows SMBs to compete with any business on a global scale thanks to cost-effective features that are easy to manage. Businesses can use Grandstream's UCM series to create and unify multiple technologies, including video conferencing and calling, video surveillance, door cameras, fax, plus more.


5. Save money & enhance your IP-based communications

What’s better than drastically improving your IP-based communications? Saving money at the same time! IP communications reduce telecom and long distance costs between office locations and remote workers. It saves on cell phone bills by routing domestic and international calls made on a smartphone through VoIP. It also allows you to build one network that can be shared by all locations rather than having to build multiple networks for each office and each type of communication device.


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